President of the Olympic Committee

Firas Hashim Moualla
Place and date of birth Damascus – 25/11/1971
Degree of Culture Degree in Law – University of Damascus.
Secretary General of the Syrian Olympic Committee 2010-2019
President of the Swimming Federation 2014-2019.

mr.firas moualla

Honor head of the Syrian Olympic Committee

Mohamed Sameeh Maddal
Born in Damascus in 1939.
Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Damascus University in 1965 and Master in Social and Economic Planning in 1967.
President of the Olympic Committee from 19822000

Sameeh Maddal

Honor head of the Syrian Olympic Committee

Major General Mowaffak JOUMAA.

Born: 31/03/1952

Date of election as Chairman of the Syrian Olympic Committee and Chairman of the Executive Office of the Sports Federation 2010

Member of parliament

Mowaffak JOUMAA

Vice President of the Syrian Olympic Committee

Mr.Omar Al-Aroub
Member of the Executive Bureau of the National Union of Syrian Students, Head of the Voluntary Work Office
Member of the People’s Assembly for the city of Aleppo
Deputy Commander of the Baath Brigades

mr.omar al-aroub

Vice-Chairman of the Medical Committee

Dr.Marwan Duwaire
he was Born in Sweida 1957
He holds a PhD in sports training planning and programming and a master’s in education and training (Moscow)

Dr.Marwan Duwaire

Vice President

Atef Al-Zibaq

Chairman of the Olympic Games Selection Committee

Kamel Shabib

Secretary General of the Syrian Olympic Committee

Nasser Al Sayed

Chairman of the Players Committee

Mr.Mohammed Al-Hayek
he was Born in Damascus in 1971
Republic champion in wrestling from 1988 to 2004 for all groups

Mohammed Al-Hayek

Chairman of the Culture and Olympic Education Committee

Firas Al-Azab Born: Daria 1977 Education: Commercial Institute 1999, Ministry of Education License in Administrative Sciences and the Ministry of Higher Education Diploma in Marketing Management from the British Addex Foundation

Firas Al-Azab

Chairman of the Sports Ethics Committee

Mr.Muhammad Khidr
He was Born in Harasta 1978
Graduate of the Faculty of Economics, Damascus University.
He practiced cycling in training centers and was included in tournaments in age groups, from cubs to men, and he moved between the Harasta and Central Army clubs and was captain of the Army Club and the national team for years

mohammed al khidr

Chairman of the Finance Committee

Mr.Ayman Ahmed
he was born in lattakia 1972
Military science certificate
Practice game: body building and physical strength

Ayman al ahmad

Head of the Sports Marketing Committee

Mr.Alaa Gogh Ji
he was born in  alppo 1971
A mechanical engineer at the General Directorate of Syrian Railways
It included the teams of the Union Basketball Club and played for the youth, juniors, youth and men
He played for the Syrian national team in basketball

Chair of the International Relations Committee

Miss.Shaza Jarwan
she was Born in 1980
Academic qualification: License in Physical Education in 2002 from the College of Physical Education in Lattakia

Chairman of the Sports Committee for All

Mr.Abdel Nasser Karko
he was born in Al-Hasakeh 1964
Certificate: Institute of Industrial Average
Al-Jazira handball player and winner of the Junior League Championship 1983

Chairman of the National Teams Committee

Mr.Bashar Abboud
he was born in Daraa 1967
A former football player at Al Shoula Club
Scientific certificate: Sports Institute in Damascus in 1987

Basheer al Aboud

Head of the Judicial Committee

Hatem Al-Ghayeb, born September 25, 1971 from Al-Ashara in Deir

Chair of the Stamps and Study Committee and the Media Committee

salam Allawi

Chair of the Women and Sport Committee

Permanent member

The Golden Champion Ghada Shuaa
Ghada is one of the brightest Syrian athletes of all time. She is the greatest and most valuable achievement in the history of the Syrian Olympic sport by winning the gold medal at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. She has been able to prove that Syrian women have been, and still are, pioneers in different fields. Global achievements.
• The first step in the Syrian championship in 1991, where it recorded a new Syrian number of 4493 points.

Syrian NOC Member

Syrian NOC Member

Syrian NOC Member

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