Mr Firas Moualla

Mr Firas Moualla

Firas Hashim Moualla
Place and date of birth Damascus – 25/11/1971
Degree of Culture Degree in Law – University of Damascus.
Educational Background: License in Law.

  • Sport Career as Swimmer:
  • 1990 First Place in Capri- Napoli FINA Long Distance Amateur Championship (30 Km) – Italy.
  • 1991 Gold Medal at the First Arab Championship (25 Km)- Lattakia- Syria.
  • 1992 Gold Medal at the 7th Arab Games (15 Km) in team ranking and the Silver Medal in Individual ranking- Lattakia- Syria.
  • 1996 Fifth Place at the FINA Professional Championship (25 Km) and the fourth in team ranking- Switzerland.
  • 1996 Fourth place at Argentina FINA World Cup.
  • 1998 Fourth place at FINA World Cup (25 Km) in Japan.
  • 2000 First Place at Canada Wold Cup (10 Km).
  • 2001 and 2002 1st Place in the Arab Universities Race- Syria.
  • 2001 Relay two-way swim cross of the English Channel.
  • 2002 Gold medal at the 1st Asian Championship (5 Km) in team ranking and silver medal in individual ranking- Qatar.
  • 2004 Silver medal at the Asian Championship for individual ranking- Kuwait.
  • 2004 Bronze medal at the Asian Championship for individual ranking- Kuwait.
  • World performance in swim crossing between Europe and Asia (Cyprus and Lattakia) for a distance of 110 Km in 41Hrs.36Min. on 22/09/2007 under the slogan (Syria…. the Land of Peace).
  • In addition to many international title in Open Water Swimming in Syria, Egypt, Greece, Netherlands and Canada among others.
  • Bronze medal of the 2017 Budapest FINA World Master Swimming Championships.
  • Gold medal of Russia National Masters Open Water Swimming Championship 2.5 Km in 2018.
  • The gold medal in the European Championship 2018
  • Honoring President Bashar Al-Assad 2018
  • Silver Master World Cup Korea 2019
  • Honoring President Bashar Al-Assad 2019
  • Awards Granted:
  • Honoured by Mr. President Bashar ALASSAD in 2002 and in 2007.
  • UAE Order or Merit in 2011 as an athlete has achievement representing the sportsmanship in swimming to swim between Cyprus and Lattakia for peace.
  • Order of sport by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Cyprus.
  • Honoured by OCA President- Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahed ALSABAH IN 2007.
  • Awarded the order of ANOC in 2017 in Prague- Czech for my achievement not only as secretary general of the Syrian NOC but also for continuing my career as an athlete and winning the bronze medal at Budapest 2017 FINA World Masters Championships with the presence of IOC President- Dr. Thomas BACH.
  • Positions:
  •  Member of the Syrian Olympic Committee 2003_2005.
  •  Vice President of the Syrian Olympic Committee.2005_2009.
  •  Vice President of the General Sports Federation (the highest sports authority in Syria).2005_2009.
  • Secretary General of the Syrian Olympic Committee 2010_2019.
  • President of the Swimming Federation 2014-2019.
  •  President of the General Sports Federation.2020.
  •  President of the Syrian Olympic Committee2020
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