Major General Mowaffak JOUMAA.

Mowaffak JOUMAA

Major General Mowaffak JOUMAA.

Born: 31/03/1952

Date of election as Chairman of the Syrian Olympic Committee and Chairman of the Executive Office of the Sports Federation 2010

Member of parliament

Curriculum Vitae :

Major General Mowafaq Jumaa started his career as a long distance player from 1972 to 1980

and represented the national team more than once.

1982-1985 Member of the Syrian Athletics Federation.

1985-2005 Chairman of the Syrian Athletics Federation.

1990-1995 Member of the Arab Federation of Athletics
1993 International lecturer accredited by the International Federation of Athletics.

1995-2005 Vice President of the Arab Association of Athletics.
2000-2005 Vice President of the Asian Athletics Federation.

Member of the Syrian Olympic Committee.
1992-1996-2008 Member of the Syrian Olympic Games Management Department.
– 2019 Chairman of the Sports Committee for All in the Asian Olympic Committee.

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