Mr.Bashar Abboud

Mr.Bashar Abboud

He was born in the city of Daraa 1967

He was a football player at Al-Shula Club

:Scientific certificate

The Sports Institute Damascus in 1987

License  In football from the Higher Sports Institute of Physical Education and Sports at the University of Ukraine the former Soviet Union

Member of the Board of Directors of Al Shola Club in 1997

Member of an executive committee in Daraa from 2015 until 2020

Member of the Central Council of the General Sports Federation from 2015 until now

Member of the Syrian Football Association from 2000 to 2001

Former member of the sub-committees of the Syrian Football Association for several  

(including( coaches committees _ development committee _ competitions committee

An Asian football lecturer lectured in several Asian training courses that were held inside the country in various governorates

:Followed  several internal and external football training sessions

A course for preparing Arab lecturers for juniors in Cairo in 2006

International lecturers preparation course in the Emirates in 2018

He holds the Asian Football Training Certificate

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