Ayman Kelziah

The world champion Ayman Kelsia

From the city of Aleppo He is 25 years old

He started swimming 7 years old With coach Ziyad Baqi at the Freedom Club

He is a Syrian swimming team player and army club player


Obtained a trend from the World Swimming

_Federation from 2016 to 2019 in Thailand – Phuket, Thanyapura Center


_Bronze Islamic Solidarity Course Indonesia 2013

_Bronze World Cup Dubai 2014

_3 Silver Arab Championship Jordan 2012

_ Silver and bronze, Asian championship Uzbekistan

_6 Golds Dubai International Championship 2015

_Bronze Singapore Open Championship (2017)

_3 Silver and Bronze Golds Malaysia Open (2018)

_Qualifying for the World Championship (China 2018)

_Gold and bronze medal At the Asian Championship in India (2019)

*Participations in the World Championship:

_Istanbul 2011 – Spain 2013 – Russia 2015 – Hungary 2017 – China 2018.

*Syrian numbers:

_50 butterfly _ 100 butterfly _ 200 butterfly _ 200 variety _ 400 variety

*The most important post 2019:

_Slovenia Championship

_The Singapore Open Championship

_World Championship (South Korea)

_World Cup Series (Russia)

Currently, the champion Ayman Kelzia is making attempts to qualify for the Olympics this year, through participating in swimming championships and tournaments in which the achievements are eligible to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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