Gazelle wins the high jump silver at the Rome Forum of the Diamond League

Our world champion Majd El Din Ghazal won the silver medal in the third stage of the athletics championship in Rome, The first round held in China in mid-May and jumped to a height of 2.26 m and won sixth place and participated in the second round held in the city of Astra in the Czech Republic in early June and jumped to 2.25 m, and finished in seventh place.

Al-Ghazal was due to take part in the fourth phase of the championship scheduled for Sunday in the Moroccan city of Rabat, but this was not possible due to the lack of an entry visa. The fifth stage of the diamond league will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 5, The sixth stage in the British capital London on July 20 and the seventh stage in the British city of Birmingham August 18 next, the eighth stage in Paris on 24 and the ninth and final stage in Switzerland on the sixth of September, and the end of the benefits of Ghazal this year will be the most prominent of During the course Argema at the World Championships held in Qatar’s capital Doha next September 27.

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