Omar Abbas

Omar Abbas, 21 years old

He started swimming in 2005 and started swimming with the national team in 2014 and played for the Army Club.

Obtained from the World Swimming Federation from 2019 to 2020 in Thailand – Phuket, Tanjapura Center.Syrian figures he achieved: Race under 18, 200 m free and 100 m free.

The 200-meter freestyle race open in time (1: 51.82).His most important goal is to participate in the TOKO 2020 Olympics, in addition to successfully completing the training period in Thailand.

The most important posts and medals:

_Asian Championships in Tokyo 2016 _ Asia

Championships for swimming pool age group:

Thailand 2015 _ Uzbekistan 2017.

_India Championship 2019 won the silver medal in the 200 m freestyle _ the bronze medal in the 400 m freestyle _ the bronze medal in the 800 m freestyle.

Participated in the 2018 Arena Cup _ Czech Republic

_Thai Citizen Race 2019 (silver medal in 200m freestyle) (bronze medal in 100m freestyle)

World Championships 2019 in South Korea.

The Vienna World Cup in Kazan 2019.

The best numbers he achieved at the moment:

World Cup 2019 in Kazan with 100-meter freestyle in time: 52.17

World Cup 2019 in Kazan, in the 200-meter freestyle, with a time of 1: 51.82

World Cup 2019 in Kazan, in the 400m freestyle, at a time of 3: 59.60

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