Majd El Din Ghazal

World Champion Majd El Din Ghazal
The Champion was born Majd al-Din Ghazal in Damascus in 1987. He practiced several types of sport before settling in high jump athletics. He is a graduate of a sports education diploma. His achievements are many and still ongoing.
The beginning of his external posts were the year 2006 and the silver of the Arab school games
2007 Bronze won the Arab Games in Cairo and the bronze of the Arab Men’s Championship in Jordan.
 2008 and the first Asian appearance in the silver closed indoor championships in Qatar.
Silver Games of the Asian Games in Vietnam and the Silver of the Arab Championship for Men in Damascus
– 2011 Silver Asian Championship in Japan and silver Arab championship for men in the UAE
– 2012 Bronze Asian Indoor Championships in China and Western Asia Bronze in the UAE
– 2014 Silver Asian Championships in China
It was scheduled with the Gold and Gold Asian Beach Games in Thailand
– 2015 Golden Championship Asian Grand Prix / Thailand /
Silver Asian Grand Prix
Gold medal of the World Military Olympiad
Silver Asian Indoor Championships / Qatar
Golden World Challenge League
The world’s first high jump rating, with a height of 2.36 /
Silver Diamond League / Zurich /
Gold medal in the international tournament in Barcelona.
– 2017 Golden Games Asian Closed Games / Turkmenistan /
Bronze World Athletics Championships / London / Achievement was preceded by only heroine Ghada Shuaa
Golden Islamic Solidarity Course
Bronze Championship Asia / India /
Silver Diamond League Birmingham
Golden Games Mediterranean Games
Bronze Asian Games / Indonesia /
Silver Diamond League / Qatar /
Bronze Diamond League / Monaco /
– 2019 Golden Athletics Championship in Qatar
Qualified for the Olympic Games 2008 – 2012 – 2016
The coach is trained under the supervision of national coach Emad Al-Sarraj and still offers the best levels so far in various tournaments

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